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Get to know who we are, what we do and what it’s like to work at Hoiwa. You can also find our contact details here!

Who are we?

Hoiwa is a domestic social and health care company that operates as a reliable partner for the public and private sectors throughout Finland.

Hoiwa secures your healthcare professional needs from sudden sick leave substitutions to solutions with full responsibility.

Additionally, Hoiwa provides quality healthcare services in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We are a partner to our clients and a solver of human resource challenges.

Fadumo Ali, toimitusjohtaja ja perustaja, Hoiwa Oy

Fadumo Ali

Chief Executive Officer, Public Health Nurse


Kirsi Holmgren, HR-päällikkö ja asiakassuhteet

Kirsi Holmgren

Human Resources Director, Customer Relations

+358 50 553 3968

Fatima Mohamed

Human Resources Coordinator

+358 50 550 4469

Mariam Piippo

Human Resources Coordinator

+358 50 378 9805

Sandra da Silva Rocha, HR-koordinaattori, Hoiwa Oy

Sandra da Silva Rocha

Henri Koivuneva

Ahmed Benmouh

Visual Designer


Henri Koivuneva, UX/UI Designer, Hoiwa Oy

Henri Koivuneva

UX/UI Designer


How have you liked working at Hoiwa?

  • I’ve enjoyed myself at Hoiwa and liked doing staffing gigs.

What’s good at Hoiwa?

  • I was able to start working soon after the interview
  • There has been lots of available work, you can arrange shifts that suit you
  • Friendly staff, I can always get in touch with them and they respond quickly
  • Easy to report work hours

What’s interesting at Hoiwa?

  • The possibility to do the love exam
  • Good salary that’s also paid on time

Would you recommend Hoiwa to your friends?

  • Yes I can, and I’ve told friends who live nearby about Hoiwa

How have you liked working at Hoiwa?

  • I’ve had a great time at Hoiwa. I have always received answers to my questions and it’s easy to get in touch with the management.

What’s good at Hoiwa?

  • It’s the fact that my questions are always answered, payroll works and that there’s flexibility. And if any problems arise, they’re always taken care of. Shift requests are paid attention to nicely.

What’s interesting at Hoiwa?

  • Varying work environments.

Would you recommend Hoiwa to your friends?

  • I can definitely recommend it.

Hey! I’ve had a great time at Hoiwa. I’ve had a nice amount of work and my wishes and suggestions have been taken into account. The variety and versatility of the work makes it interesting. I can definitely recommend Hoiwa to my friends and I have already done so.


I feel very comfortable with the expected responsibilities and with working in the warm and safe environment at Hoiwa. The people at Hoiwa are very helpful and communication with them is remarkably smooth.

Personally, it’s very important to me who I work with, and it’s a much more important thing in supporting motivation than any reward or compensation. The existence of having both good motivation and good compensation in one place is very unique. There are people at Hoiwa who will help you every step of the way and you’ll also be rewarded much better than anywhere else.

A flexible work schedule is very important, especially for students, and Hoiwa gives you the work hours that fit your schedule the best and it’s thus the most interesting work in here.

I would definitely recommend Hoiwa to anyone interested.


  • I’ve really enjoyed it
  • They listen to the employees, pay attention to our needs and the boss is very nice 😄👍
  • What’s most interesting to me is that there’s always available work
  • I can most assuredly recommend it and have recommended it to others

The Story of Hoiwa

Hoiwa is now one year old! Already during our first year of operation we have grown and developed enormously. When we started, we had one office employee and now we have over ten people running Hoiwa. Read Hoiwa’s story told by our founder and CEO Fadumo Ali.

Read our story

Call Us: +358 50 378 9805 (9AM to 5PM)

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For clients
Hoiwa is your partner whenever you need reliable staff quickly. Contact us directly either by phone or by using the form right here.

For jobseekers
Join the good group of Hoiwa professionals. Register via this link, send your CV/resume to rekry@hoiwa.fi or contact us with the form right here. We’ll be in contact with you and arrange a job interview.

Contact details
E-mail: info@hoiwa.fi
Phone number: +358 50 378 9805 (from 9AM to 5PM)

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